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Radio Netherlands Worldwide (RNW) is the Dutch international public service broadcaster. We keep millions of people informed about developments in the Netherlands, Europe and the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through radio, television, mobile platforms and the internet. RNW is regarded as an independent, unbiased and reliable news source, available in ten languages. Their main goal with respect to this project is to provide reliable information in areas where there is no objective information available.
Local presence Global coverage: GlobeCast, a subsidiary of France Telecom, is the leading global provider of content management and worldwide transmission services for professional broadcast delivery. The company operates a secure global satellite and fibre network to manage and transport 10 million hours of video and other rich media each year, providing ingest, aggregation, transmission and repurposing of content for delivery to direct-to-home satellite platforms; cable, IPTV, mobile and broadband headends; as well as corporate and digital signage networks. GlobeCast’s fleet of SNG trucks is deployed globally to support coverage of the biggest news and sporting events each year in SD and HDTV formats. Borders are non-existent when it comes to GlobeCast’s services, thanks to the company’s 12 teleports and technical operations centres as well as its 17 offices in Europe, North and Latin America, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Australia.
Music Choice (also known as MC) is a United States company that programs music and produces music-related content for digital cable, cell phones, and cable modem subscribers in the US. Music Choice programs dozens of audio music channels for digital cable subscribers, as well as programs and produces music-related content for on-demand customers with access to Music Choice On-Demand. Music Choice also offers video and audio music programming for cell phone customers through Sprint Nextel and AT&T Wireless Services. Music Choice recently launched a new interactive music video network called SWRV.
Radio Netherlands Worldwide offers is an English website called Love Matters: http://www.lovematters.info. This website launched in November 2010. It is designed to bring reliable and independent information about sexuality to people in countries where this is not freely available (like Kenya, India, and Mexico). This website gives a backlog of information about sexuality, health, arranged marriage, oppression, homosexuality, circumcision, birth control and use of condoms

We have noticed with our large audience that there is a lack of information on this subject. The issues are handled in a journalistic way but with a light and inviting style. To serve our English speaking audience in India, RNW launched a mobile site in August 2011. This website provides tailored content based on articles on the general English LM website that can also be read on mobile phone.